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Our Strategy

Reach your goals in your business, let us formulate the strategy that works for your products or services.

We have created various strategies for different fields, now it is the time for you to achieve more in your business.


Consistent Leads = Consistent Sales

We train, coach and build systems around handling leads, following up, and closing negotiations effectively.

We build your business top down, and save your lifetime of perseverance building a successful business.


You'd be amazed by the capabilities to follow your most ideal prospects around and build a brand that is top of mind.

With a well-thought-out reverse engineered strategy, we help determine what social media channels your brand should be using, ways to increase audience engagement and awareness, and establish measurable goals and benchmarks to track your social media marketing progress.

We then execute content creation and distribution, and are always moving towards established benchmarks and goals.

Brand Exposure and Market Domination

Let's be honest. You need more people to know who you are and what you're all about. The right marketing can be a powerful thing.

Top Lion Marketing works relentlessly to drive paid results for our clients everyday through all social and digital advertising mediums. Everything.

We know how to get you leads and sales fast. In a nutshell: we create digital ads and marketing systems that drive you leads and revenue.

On Demand Call Center

We want you to make more money.

That involves giving your time back.

Leave it to our seasoned callers to do all the prospecting.

Just show up to your appointments and take care of pre-qualified business!

Imagine knowing you have booked appointments and repeat business on the go.

Complete Predictability.

Analytics & Reporting.

Centralize reporting across all branded social accounts, earned engagements, and paid ad results with a monthly analytics report. We firmly believe in data and make real time decisions to drive results from gathered analytics & reporting. 
Who is

Shayan Tehrani?

Currently, I am building the most reliable, Client Acquisition and Revenue Generating Digital Agency that realtors, mortgage brokers, entrepreneurs, and business people alike with real results, come to when they want to become well-known experts while generating record-breaking revenues in the process.

My agency drives high-impact results for each of our clients by building a proven follow-up system for their leads leveraging marketing automation and data-driven actions. We leverage branded content to position them as a go-to professional or business in their marketplace in line with their goals and desires.

As a Certified Master of Internet Marketing, I will help you build and establish a trustworthy brand that people value and look to as the market leader. No matter the business type you have, you need to build a brand that is valuable. But most importantly, we will drive revenue for your business as #1 priority. This is the type of asset we can help you build.

Jeremy Haynes  -Huffington Post Article

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